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Leiter: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Holger Arthaber

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Microwave Engineering

The Microwave Engineering Group is concentrated on designing highly efficient and linear power amplifiers and communication systems which are used in telecommunication applications. Furthermore the group is working on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). For Direct Short Range Communication (DSRC) technology and Ultra High Frequency RFID (UHF RFID) complex system designs are done.

The requirements on efficiency and linearity for power amplifiers in mobile communication systems, especially in base stations, are enormously. The efficiency and the linearity can be increased by using suitable amplifier architectures or circuit methods. Both of them demanded special measurement systems and methods.

Automatic identification and data acquisition is often needed in logistic issues and telematics. Therefore DSRC- and RFID-technology is often used. The DSRC- and the RFID-technology enable contactless transfer of data. The used passive UHF RFID-tags are powered by the RFID-reader and are a very cheap alternative to the active DSRC-tags.

Research Activities Overview

Research Capabilities

  • Linear Vector Network Analysis (VNA): 50 GHz/4-port
  • Nonlinear VNA: 67 GHz/4port/X-parameters/mixer/pulsed...
  • Low frequency component characterization: 10-500 MHz
  • Signal Sources (CW up to 40 GHz, modulated 120 MHz RF BW up to 6 GHz)
  • Spectrum analyzers and signal analysis: up to 44 GHz
  • Pulsed measurements (RF and⁄or bias)
  • Nonlinear measurements
    • LSNA (Large Signal Network Analyzer): 20 GHz
    • PNA-X (4port⁄X-Parameter⁄mixer⁄pulsed...: 50 GHz
    • Harmonic Load Pull (active⁄passive; Maury ATS): 18 GHz
    • Low Impedance test-fixtures
  • Oscilloscopes⁄TDR⁄Eye-analysis: 20 GHz+
  • Noise figure measurement: 18 GHz
  • RF wafer-prober with thermo-chuck
  • Others
    • Microwave simulation tools (AWR)
    • 2.5/3D field simulation (AWR, CST, HFSS, Comsol)
    • System simulation (AWR)
    • Rapid prototyping PCB milling machine
  • Additional equipment (on shared basis with in-house groups)
    • Bit⁄Pattern-generators: 40 GHz+
    • Oscilloscopes⁄Eye-analysis: 70 GHz+
    • EMC tests with GTEM-cell
    • Anechoic chamber, antenna measurements: 40 GHz