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Research areas in portable Health Care Engineering include diagnostic and therapeutic approaches and their closed-loop combination in terms of theranostics, accompanied by advanced biomedical signal processing.


Electric, acoustic, optic, and magnetoelastic multiparametric sensors for biomedical applications are developed for Point-of-Care diagnostics, e.g., for sleep, anaesthesia, pain, and fitness monitoring as well as for apneas detection and heart rate variability monitoring.

Electrical Impedance Tomography is developed for a novel individual setting of lung ventilators and monitoring of hemodynamic in intensive care units. Here the dynamic electrical tomography is enhanced with static computer tomography data to improve diagnostic power. In particular, simple and clinically relevant parameters are derived from the electrical tomography to favour its clinical use.

Therapy and theranostics

Electric auricular vagus nerve stimulation is developed to realise Point-of-Care therapy in chronic pain, abuse of opioids, peripheral arterial disease, and even in triggered healing of diabetic chronic wounds through reduced local inflammation.

Biomedical signal processing

Extensive expertise is available in adaptive, multiparametric, clinically-relevant processing of hybrid biomedical signals in the time, spectral, and space domains, and in wearable hardware/software concepts for diagnostic/therapeutic biomedical devices. Modelling of physiological signals and systems is performed for the voluntary breath holding (apnea diving) and the associated fitness assessment, supported by experimental diving pathophysiology monitoring.

Heart rate variability analysis (e.g., as prognostic factor for perioperative outcome) are performed, pulse wave analysis and individual perioperative fitness/reserve monitoring are carried out.

Teaching projects

  • Three Springer book volumes on Biomedical Signals and Sensors I, II, III
  • Educational projects – ERASMUS coordination for two foreign universities
  • Chair of the study affairs commission for Biomedical Engineering

Industrial engagement

TUWien SpinOff SzeleStim GmbH